The attorneys on the Center’s panel have agreed not to charge retainers which often range from $5,000 to $10,000 for each the Husband and the Wife. Collaborative attorneys also charge retainers. In Team Mediationsm clients pay their attorneys their agreed upon hourly fee as services are rendered. The fee for mediation is $350/hour. Individual attorneys on our Team Mediationsm panel charge no more than $350/hour and many will charge less. In cases of financial hardship, clients may be seen through the Center’s Clinic at reduced fees or in our Supervised Practicum at no fee. The total fee for a divorce cannot be determined in advance, as the time needed varies from couple to couple. Mediated settlements generally require much less professional time than contested divorces or divorces that go through collaborative processes. As Team Mediationsm divorces are uncontested, there are no court appearances. Therefore, participants save substantial amounts in fees. Clients are encouraged to set the pace as they see fit. The average time to reach an agreement is between four and six months though many mediations are completed in less time.